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Is coconut the answer we all have been looking for?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In life, if you ever go looking for tasty treats like candies, vegan flour, vegan cheese then coconut meat is your answer. If you want durable but unique furniture then coconut trunk comes to the rescue. And mind you if you ever want a natural loofah then you can use coconut husk, just roll it into a ball and go berserk if you may so. Want a funky bag, then you can make one by using coconut leaves. Looking for internal cleansing, we mean the serious kind like kidney cleansing or just to quench your thirst then you will find respite in coconut water. Now why stop there, you want charcoal or you have an eye for handicrafts then coconut shell becomes it. AND FINALLY, if you are going for over all wellness, you have to look no further than the coconut oil. Basically what we are saying is that coconut tree is the answer for world peace. There is nothing this wonder tree can’t do. And taking inspiration from this beautiful miracle, we at cocoरियल have focused all our energies to get you the best and the purest coconut oil that there is. For all things itchy, dry, unsightly, or sore, Coconut Oil is your little miracle. From hair care to skin care, sun care to soul care, our favourite oil has you covered. It is a natural remedy that millions of people have used for centuries. Our Coconut Oil is crafted using the cold-pressed method, without the use of any heat. As a result, Cocoरियल is never exposed to any harsh or toxic chemicals. This ensures that it retains its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties – just as nature intended. It delivers nutrients to the body, aids in skin treatment, controls blood sugar, stimulates in hair growth, and for whole body health, just to name a few. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s even packaged beautifully keeping in mind your convenience?! Simply put, do more with less.

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